May 17, 2005

Postal voting fraud

Just when I thought that the massive possiblities for fraud in postal voting where not taken up I find reasons to be suspisious (at the end of the post):
"(An aside: Respect was significantly ahead of Labour during the ward-by-ward count of votes taken at polling stations. It was only after the delivery of the constituency-wide postal votes that the gap between the parties closed. This accounts for the delay in the result. There are numerous reports of voters - including, somewhat bizarrely, Mariella Frostrup - turning up to vote only to be informed they had already voted by post. The suspicion forms that someone attempted to rig the ballot, and that someone miscalculated; this side of a thorough investigation, it can be no more than a suspicion.)"
So in a seat that where New Labour was under serious threat, and where a loss would be blown up in the press beyond any other, there is a flood of postal votes for New Labour which do not match the general trend from the polling booths. The current postal voting system is dangerous, and needs reform, as even the hint of fraud in an election reduces it's legitimacy. But will anything happen, not likely. Not under New Labour anyway.


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